March 8, 2019

Contributors are honored on International Women's Day in the company

Contributors are honored on International Women's Day in the company

Women assume presidency and directorates during traditional company action

Today, March 8, the collaborators of Usina Coruripe are honored in another action to celebrate International Women's Day. For the fourth consecutive year, they take over the presidency and all of the company boards to discuss equal rights and new opportunities in the company. In addition, women will hold meetings throughout the day to develop new ideas in the company.

The Coruripe Plant's presidency is represented by Luana Guimarães Souza, Safety Labor engineer. The other members of the temporary management of Coruripe are the accounting coordinator Vanusa de Jesus (financial director), Industrial Quality Coordinator Roseanne Silva (industrial director), Agricultural Control analyst Fernanda Teixeira (agricultural director), Human Resources Supervisor Patrícia Ferreira Sales (administrative and HR director), lawyer Karla Freitas Lima (juridical director), food technologist Bruna Laine Ribeiro da Silva (commercial director) and supplier analyst Maria Patrícia Chaves (executive manager of suppliers).

Subsequently, the minutes of this meeting will be discussed at the board meeting and disclosed to the company with a plan of action. The Coruripe Plant has already implemented measures proposed in previous editions of this same action, such as extending maternity leave for six months, possibility for the mother or father to accompany the hospitalization of a child under 12 years of age for up to five days and adoption of new forms of recruitment with the purpose of attracting more professional women in all areas of the company, among other actions.