June 8, 2020

Coruripe Plant enters the sanitizers segment and launches its own brand of gel alcohol

Coruripe Plant enters the sanitizers segment and launches its own brand of gel alcohol

Company starts selling antiseptic gel at 158 points of sale in Minas Gerais

Coruripe Mill, one of the largest companies in the sugar-energy sector in the country, today launched its own brand of gel alcohol. The product, which will initially be marketed in 15 cities in Minas Gerais - including Belo Horizonte -, will be available at points of sale from the second week of June. Coruripe Antiseptic Gel will consist of hydrated ethyl alcohol 70 degrees INPM with moisturizing aloe vera.

 The entry into the sanitizing segment is in line with the company's expansion strategies in the domestic market. Among the products available to the end customer, Coruripe sugar stands out, which is sold at retail and wholesale points of sale in Minas Gerais and Alagoas. The Coruripe gel alcohol, initially, will be sold in 500ml packages in large supermarket chains, among them Mart Minas, Bahamas, ABC, Assaí, Atacadão and Carrefour, totaling 158 stores in Minas Gerais. The partner chains are the same that already sell the brand's sugar.


According to the commercial director of Usina Coruripe, Francisco Vital, since last year, the company has been conducting research on the sanitizer market in the country. "Studies were accelerated due to the high demand for hygiene products with the pandemic, which strengthened our perception that it would be a good opportunity to operate in this segment. We believe that this culture of hygiene is here to stay and will consolidate this market, making -the largest and most definitive. In the second half, we hope to launch Coruripe gel alcohol in the Northeast. In the near future, we also intend to launch other products in the sanitizing segment, according to the needs of customers ", he declares.

 Among the main differentials of the Coruripe antiseptic gel are the quality of the alcohol and the competitive price of the product. "We hope to offer our customers the best in the market, with guarantee of origin and the same quality as our sugar. We have achieved reliability in the sector throughout these years of history, both in retail and in industry, which gives us a great potential to satisfy and delight our customers also in the sanitizing segment ", he adds.

 The packaging is also one of the differentials of the brand. "We seek to develop a visually clean label that maintains the company's identity and that passes Coruripe's credibility on the market. It is an anatomical, modern and easy to use packaging; in addition, we seek to find the ideal size and, according to research, the format 500ml is the one with the biggest market share ", he reveals.