September 27, 2019

Coruripe Plant celebrates 68 days without work accidents with leave in units in Minas Gerais and Alagoas

Coruripe Plant celebrates 68 days without work accidents with leave in units in Minas Gerais and Alagoas

The Coruripe Plant, one of the largest in the sugar and alcohol sector in the country, celebrates good indicators of safety at work. This month, the plant completed 68 days without occupational accidents with leave in all units. This is a historical record in the company.

The result is the company's dedication and effort to create sustainable safety practices with interdependent teams where people take care of each other. According to Fabio Moniz, Director of Administration and Human Resources at Usina Coruripe, the fact shows that employees have been absorbing the company's culture. “Safety is a priority throughout our operation. Such an important result could only be achieved with the commitment and cooperation of all employees, who incorporated safety practices into their daily activities”, he says.

Also according to Moniz, leaders play an important role in this historic achievement by encouraging everyone's commitment to the safety culture of the plants. “We congratulate our leaders and their teams for their commitment and dedication, and we will continue to pursue our zero accident goal,” he concludes. To this end, the company promotes continuous safety training at all units and prioritizes investments in the “Zero Accident Always” program.

The company has consistently reduced the number of lost time accidents at all units. For Coruripe's Director of Administration and Human Resources, this achievement was only possible thanks to the awareness-raising work of all employees. “The program was instrumental in achieving that result, but employee awareness and commitment to collective well-being was crucial. The search for zero accidents is a constant”, he says.

Yellow September

To strengthen the quality of life of employees, Usina Coruripe also joined the September Yellow campaign. Throughout the month, the units carried out a cycle of activities aimed at suicide prevention. The action had educational lectures with psychologists, handing out informative folders, yellow badge ribbons, and the interaction between managers and teams through reflective messages about valuing life.

For the collaborator Flávia Cristina, the campaign was of great importance and helps everyone to understand the seriousness of the problem. “The actions showed that suicide is increasingly present; Therefore, we must be alert to help others every day and listening, supporting and caring is always the best way to help them”, she said.

“Respect for people, one of our values, is directly reflected in these actions to promote quality of life. The idea of suicide prevention should not only come from health facilities, but also from companies. Our goal here was to form a prevention chain”, comments Fábio Moniz.