October 1, 2018

Yellow September is campaign in Coruripe Plant

Yellow September is campaign in Coruripe Plant

Suicide prevention actions were carried out with company employees

The Yellow September is a campaign of the Center for Appreciation of Life that seeks to bring the dialogue about suicide to society. To reinforce this theme in the company, lectures were held with invited psychologists, distribution of pamphlets and moments of reflection with the employees of all the units, throughout the month.

According to the psychologist Julia Bonissato, guest speaker, the dedication of the family with the support of a professional are decisive factors for the recovery of the self-esteem of the depressed person. "There are several behaviors that indicate the possibility of suicidal ideation: the report of wanting to disappear, sleep forever, as well as a marked decrease in interest or pleasure in things and activities, insomnia and fatigue," he said.

"For me, talking about it was still taboo. With this campaign in the company, I was able to talk openly about it and I understood how I can help other people, "said Ronei Bernardes of the Limeira do Oeste unit.

Employees gather to discuss the issue

Emplyees receive guidance booklet

Invited psychologists hold talks on suicide prevention