February 23, 2018

Zero Accident Program Always complete four years as a success case

Zero Accident Program Always complete four years as a success case

Accident rates reduced by more than 90% after deployment

Collaborators remain engaged in the pursuit of Zero Accident Always

After a diagnosis of the Health and Safety at Work sector, Coruripe decided in 2014 to execute an action plan to reduce accidents. At the time, there were 409 accidents with leaves per crop. Over the last four years, the company has invested heavily in leadership training and employee education campaigns and, in partnership with Dupont, has established key strategies for behavior change.

Today, the company has control methods and tools so that Security management is a theme present in everyone's life. Among the many achievements, we can mention the two most recent: Carneirinho Unit completed 1 year without accidents with withdrawal, receiving the silver trophy and the Iturama Unit was recognized with the bronze trophy for reaching 6 months without accidents. To celebrate each achievement, all employees participate in celebrations.

In addition to the achievements of the units and specific areas, Coruripe reached, in March 2017, 50 days without accidents throughout the group, denoting the personal commitment of each employee so that accidents are extinguished from their routines. The manager of Occupational Safety, Nelson Pilla, believes that "respect for people, one of our values, is reflected directly in the search for zero accident. Every day, teams only start their activities after discussing a safety tip. Inserting the theme into all encounters is a way to incorporate it into our lives. It is a great satisfaction to follow the achievements of the company and also the individual progress of each employee who is committed to safe work. "

Launch of the Stop Program for Leadership, in partnership with Dupon

Campaigns make employees aware of the importance of safety for their lives

Celebrations marked the record breaks in all the units of the group

Carneirinho plant completes one year without accidents with remoteness

Commemoration for six months without accidents without remoteness in Iturama