October 22, 2018

HR app facilitates employee access

HR app facilitates employee access

Concern with the environment and autonomy of the professionals motivated the development of the project

The Human Resources department of the Coruripe Plant now has a special facilitator: the HR app, which opened in October. The new system is intuitive and modern and can be accessed by employees themselves from anywhere, either by the computer or through mobile devices.

The platform offers several services to the employees, such as access to the history of payslip, visualization of the work balance of hours, the registry update and the date of the periodical exams. According to the coordinator of training and collaborative development of Usina Coruripe and one of the people in charge of the project, Fernanda Degani, one of the project proposals is to allow greater autonomy and independence for employees. "We put a lot of information that was needed so the professional did not have to call the responsible area when they needed some specific information. Thus, the employee himself can manage, organize and monitor his strengths", argues Fernanda.

Another motivation of the company for the creation of the app was the preservation of nature, since the initiative provides the economy of paper that would be used for the printing of documents. "The plant has a great concern for the environment and this is reflected in our administrative processes. Today, for example, we have 9,500 employees. Before, we needed to issue 9,500 people a month", says Fernanda about the scenario before the app. "We needed to change this position to align with our sustainability and innovation guidelines."

According to Fernanda, the proposal is for the project to be perfected and completed by 2020. "At the end of this work, we want to offer our employees a complete platform, with information on income over the last five years, on the management of personal and all the staff and management of the point", said the professional.