August 9, 2019

#MulheresDaCoruripe - Luana Guimarães

#MulheresDaCoruripe - Luana Guimarães

Luana broke paradigms in predominantly male area

Luana Guimarães joined Coruripe in 2012 and became the company's first occupational safety engineer. Luana is part of the women's committee that guides monthly improvements in women's lives inside and outside the company.

The male audience has always been the majority in her area, but for her, dedicating herself and showing her work daily was the way she found to break the common paradigm in environments with many men.

Luana believes in the company's potential and hopes that the number of women will increase more and more. “Usina Coruripe gave me practically everything that I am today, I consider as a family, where I had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally,” she said.