September 27, 2019

#MulheresdaCoruripe - Layná Modesto

#MulheresdaCoruripe - Layná Modesto

Layná began her career as an intern

Layná Medrado Modesto joined Usina Coruripe in 2010 as an intern at the Carneirinho Unit laboratory and, in less than six months, had to finalize the contract as she had completed her undergraduate degree in Chemistry. Due to her high commitment and potential, when a vacancy for laboratory analyst arose in 2011, Layná was selected and joined the Carneirinho Unit. 

Today, Layná works as a laboratory analyst at the Fernandópolis Terminal, but remains focused on the search for more knowledge to continue growing and experiencing new experiences. The analyst says she realizes that there is a reciprocal relationship with the company. “We help the company and it also helps us. I like to see that here we have a support, a support”, she said. 

As a woman, she has always worked with many men and mentions the changes the company has been building. “When I entered the plant there were few women in the field, you didn't see a female driver. Today this reality is changing. So we ourselves have to see that we are capable of everything, when we understand that we are capable, that we can, that we believe, it is much easier to overcome battles”, she said.