June 19, 2018

Event integrates Sipat and Sustainability Week

Event integrates Sipat and Sustainability Week

Lectures on the environment, health and safety at work will be part of the programming

The Coruripe Unit innovated and unified two events into one. This year, the Internal Accident Prevention Week (Sipat) occurred during the same period of Sustainability Week, June 12-14. With the theme Environment, Health and Safety: Values for a Life, the integrated week had a program composed of lectures, Sesi theater pieces, awards and had the participation of collaborators and guests as students, teachers and professionals of security and sugar and alcohol industry.

Movement of Work and Work in Height and Healthy Eating were some of the themes discussed by invited professionals, related to work safety. In the environmental area, the themes were Ecological Thinking, Environmental Policies and Conscience of each Citizen. There was also the release of fish in the Coruripe River, which will revitalize fluvial life and increase the fish population in the riverside community. This action, which takes place every year, is carried out in partnership with the São Francisco and Parnaíba Valley Development Company,.

Work safety engineer Thiago Medeiros believes that the integration of events has joined forces. "This new format of holding the events to talk about these important issues for our company has mobilized more people and broadened the debate and the exchange of experiences among the participants."

Letícia Ribes, teacher at the Federal University of Alagoas, spoke about ecological thinking

Representatives of the sectors receive awards from the 5S program

Event brings together employees, students and representatives from the sugar and alcohol industry

Loose fish on the Coruripe river

Children take seedlings to plant at home

Cipa congratulates the safety highlights