August 20, 2018

Drones increase accuracy of results in the company

Drones increase accuracy of results in the company

Equipment helps to monitor agricultural and industrial areas

The use of the drone in agricultural and industrial areas has brought great results. The equipment is used to work in remote sensing - methodology that makes a survey by means of images - to measure the volume of sugarcane bagasse, to verify failures in the planting and to generate fast and automatic solutions, besides being used to make projects of roads with more precision.

For the topographer José da Silva Farias, who operates the drone at the Iturama Unit, this technology made day-to-day work much easier. "Before, in remote sensing, it took 36 hours to complete the procedure. With the drone, the time was reduced to 3 hours. Besides being precise and agile, the equipment optimizes our work ".

Aerial filming equipment is also active in cane planting. "We can do a lot of analysis and cropping and planting projects with the drone. It projects the planting lines from the generated images and exports them to the GPS of a tractor, which thus works automatically with greater yield and accuracy in the field, "said Farias, adding that the equipment also serves to check the vegetable health of the cane, observing aspects such as plant coloration.

At the Coruripe Unit, the drone is also being used to help increase agricultural productivity by monitoring planting, harvesting, and cultural practices. According to the unit's agricultural manager, Pedro Carnaúba, "with the drone, it is still possible to verify the density of cane germination, areas of flooding and weed incidence and improvements in operational activities."