March 9, 2018

Contributors take over the boards of the Coruripe Plant in celebration of International Women's Day

Contributors take over the boards of the Coruripe Plant in celebration of International Women's Day

Initiative, already traditional in the company, aims to increase the female influence

To honor women on International Women's Day, the Coruripe Plant promoted, on March 8, an action to honor women on this special day. All company boards were led by female employees, who discussed equal rights and held meetings on the role of women in the company. This was the third consecutive year that Coruripe has carried out this type of action.

The goal was to gather ideas to identify opportunities to increase women's influence in the company. "Increasingly, women take prominent positions, helping to make Coruripe stronger and more competitive. This action emphasizes the importance of the female public and their unique perception of the business to build a more egalitarian environment, "says Coruripe's administrative and HR director, Fabio Moniz.

Through the provisional organization chart, the corporate T & D coordinator Fernanda Degani assumed the company's presidency. The other members of the new management of Coruripe were Planning and Budget analyst Yoná Lima (financial director), Industrial Quality coordinator Altaneyde de Oliveira Lobo (production director), Environmental Management analyst Fabianna Muller (director of management and HR ), lawyer Andréa Regina Alves (legal director), food technologist Bruna Laine da Silva (commercial director) and supplier analyst Claudineia Borges (executive manager of suppliers). Throughout the day, they performed tasks and made all the decisions relevant to the position they held and also attended a general meeting.

After, the minutes of this meeting will be discussed at the board meeting and will be disclosed to the company with a plan of action. The Coruripe Plant has already implemented measures proposed in previous editions of this same action, such as extending maternity leave for six months, extending the paternity leave, the possibility of the mother or father accompanying the hospitalization of a child under 12 years of age for up to five days, and 2 days for children between 12 and 16 years old, campaigns for the health of women and insertion of female apprentices, expansion of vacancies and schedules in local day care centers, among others.

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