The social and environmental policies adopted by Grupo Tércio Wanderley are important for of their scope and range. From the start of his business career Commander Tércio Wanderley had as one of his goals the enhancement of socially responsible values. Currently, the Group’s companies offer excellent health, educational, housing and retirement benefits.

Respect for nature made Coruripe Mill set aside 17 thousand hectares of its own land for conservation purposes. More than nine thousand hectares have been transformed into RPPNs – Private Nature Reserves, which are a tool for permanently preserving natural resources.

R$ 1.000.000,00

invested in social and environmental programs

17.000 hectares

of preserved areas

9.000 hectares

of private reserves

Environmental Reserves

Idese, Life in First Place.

For expand its social and environmental investments and contribute to the future of the next generations, the Tércio Wanderley Group founded, in April 2005, the Social and Environmental Development Institute - Idese.

It is an institution with conservation and community development as its goals, through activities based on sustainable growth.


Friendly to Children

Concerned with children’s education, GTW maintains day care centers in all the cities where it operates. In Minas Gerais Project Florescer, which offers educational and cultural programs for hundreds of children and teenagers in Campo Florido is a highlight.

In Alagoas, one of the programs with the greatest social reach is Basquete Cidadão, developed in partnership with the Basketball Federation of Alagoas. More than 300 children are socially integrated through this program.

All units of Usina Coruripe are certified by the Abrinq Foundation as “Friendly to Children” companies.

Sustainability Report

To know all our social and environmental actions, download our Sustainability Report.